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Case Studies of Anodizing and Electroplating
Used in Different Industries:

Prime Plating provides high-quality, precision metal finishing services to customers’ specifications. We pride ourselves on high quality services with quick turn-around. Below are just a few of the many successful projects we have completed. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our services.

Entertainment Industry
  • A special effects company needed two large props for a TV commercial in a hurry. The 8’ x 3’ parts were needed to be Bright Nickel without any seams visible to camera close-ups and they needed them in less then 12 hours. Prime Plating came through for them.
  • A Hollywood design studio needed large non-metal award statue replicas to be gold plated. The 10’ statues were done to the highest cosmetic level and used for the Academy Awards presentation on the red carpet.
  • A high end camera manufacturer uses Prime Plating for intricate masking and Black Anodize/Chem Film work. Their equipment needs to meet the highest standards of quality and cosmetics.
  • A classified department of the military uses Prime Plating for difficult technical specification including Nickel, Silver, Gold and Rhodium, among other processes that need to meet the highest quality standards.
  • A Homeland Security company was having difficulties getting the plating required to complete a prototype aircraft part. They were behind schedule and needed the part quickly. Prime Plating successfully delivered the part with multiple processes and baking in 24 hours.
  • An aerospace company that requires a specialized Nickel Cadmium process searched the country for a plating company to meet their rigorous demands for quality, cosmetics and turn-around time. They chose Prime Plating.
  • A food processing company needed a very large pressure valve (6’ x 4’ x 3’ and 1500 lb.) plated to withstand acidic solutions under high pressure. It was to be used in Research & Development so it needed to have even dimensions throughout. Prime Plating set up a special process line and plated the part in Electroless Nickel to meet the challenge.
  • An electronic manufacturing company needed their chassis to be plated into deep recesses and cavities while maintaining a tight range of build-up over the entire part. They also needed the part to be RoHS complaint and meet cosmetic as well as strength criteria. Prime Plating designed custom anodes and met all of their requirements to deliver quality parts in a timely manner.
  • A manufacturer of equipment for nuclear agencies needed a unique aluminum alloy part 18’ long Black Hard Anodized. Prime Plating designed custom tanks and tooling solutions to meet their stringent requirements.

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